Performance-Based Family Therapy: A Therapist's Guide to Measurable Change

Performance-Based Family Therapy: A Therapist's Guide to Measurable Change

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This book is the fruit of my many years of study, practice, supervision, in the sphere of mental health from my early days working with Salvador Minuchin and Jay Haley.

For the past two of those decades, I have seen the impressive benefits of Results-Based Accountability (RBA), an outcomes-oriented management framework, which has transformed government services worldwide.

Collaborating with Mark Friedman, the originator of RBA, we integrated RBA and Intensive Structural Family Therapy. This new hybrid framework offers many advantages for the field: a clinician’s alternative to Evidence Based Medicine, a user-friendly, incisive outcome tracking system, a model of grounded supervision and an outcomes directed Intensive family therapy and, as they say in the late night TV commercials, “and there’s more.”

In these pages, I explain how and why you too can use RBA principles, to become a "local clinical scientist," achieving excellent outcomes for your clients, supervisees, and the next generation.


“Anyone who has ever been a family therapist or dreamed of being one, will be inspired by Fishman’s words, enriched by seeing what it means to fully deal with human problems from a systemic perspective.”

Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD Author of the foundational book The Family Life Cycle.